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BilbaoCentro, the magic of trade

The BilbaoCentro Business Grouping represents shops, bars/restaurants and services companies situated in the Abando district. Its main objective is to promote Bilbao as a reference for shopping and leisure, both for the city’s inhabitants and for its visitors and tourists. We have all of the elements necessary in order to create that magic which happens in the city centre. A modern and cultural setting, high quality commerce and luxury restaurants and hotels.

The strategy implemented by BilbaoCentro is, after all, the essence of associationism, strength through unity. We know and we are sure that united commerce does not add but rather multiplies its results. As such BilbaoCentro has started up many activities aimed at supporting the different sectors which participate in the association and to promote ad boost Bilbao as reference for urban shopping and leisure.

BilbaoCentro, the professional association of traders, restaurants and hotels, and services companies in the city centre, becomes a necessary tool for the companies in their necessary interlocution with the administration, both on individual issues and in favour of improving the city from the commercial perspective. The processing and advice on grants, professional consultancy and the value added services, as well as the continuous improvement of the company positioning on the internet, all make BilbaoCentro the support reference for the sector.

Behind the professional team there are many services and agreements with third parties which benefit the group, like the bags purchasing service, the management of parking tickets or the publicity generated about Bilbao as a commercial reference and for the businesses in the grouping.

The BilbaoCentro card, a payment and loyalty project for the associated businesses and their clients, has many advantages which seemed to be only within the reach of the big chains. Deferred payment, promotions and discounts and the loyalty plan, all in a single universal VISA card which is free of charge and does not require any account to be opened.

BilbaoCentro belongs to Bilbao Dendak and works side by side with different business and urban planning departments of Bilbao City Council, as well as the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in its different promotion programmes.

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